Web Design and Development

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Web Design

When it comes to web design and development, it's important to understand you're basically asking for the exterior (design) or interior (development) of a house or car to be built. Are we talking a simple ranch or a complex 20,000 sq. ft. mansion? The turn-around time and cost will of course, differ.

Through decades of combined experience, we have put together the following packages, which we have found to balance out favorably for both our clients and our own creatives and bottom-line.

Primary Design (eg. home page)

  • Budget
    • Includes 1 design with max 3 iterations.
  • Bronze
    • Pick from up to *15 fresh designs w/max 4 iterations.
  • Silver
    • Pick from up to *25 fresh designs w/max 5 iterations.
  • Gold
    • Pick from up to *35 fresh mid-level designs w/max 6 iterations.
  • Platinum
    • Pick from up to *25 fresh top-level premium designs w/max 7 iterations.

Secondary Page Design (eg. services page)

A secondary design is one based on a primary. Secondary designs are classified by complexity ranging from Simple to Elaborate.

  • Simple
    • Includes 1 design with max 3 iterations.
  • Intermediate
    • Includes 1 design with max 4 iterations.
  • Elaborate
    • Includes 1 design with max 5 iterations.

Web Development

Web design covers how things look, while web development covers how things work, seen and unseen. Consider a car, the body of the car is design, while the interior power and features like the engine, steering wheel, cruise control, radio or AC, are all development.

Whether you need a Ford Escort with cloth seats or a Ferarri with leather, we can build it. Time and cost wise, it all boils down to the features you need and/or want.

Our developers have built complex patented software used by companies like McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson, Grady Health, Premier Health Partners, etc.

From user-based systems to blogs, online shopping and payments, CMS', CRMs, APIs, product management systems and a plethora of other features, we can build it all.

Custom Applications

Our developers have experience working with very small businesses to building enormous, complex patented systems that helped local businesses take off.

Whether you're a small town that needs to enter the digital age and provide a decent system for online utility payments, a restaurant, law firm, dentist or have much more complex needs, we can handle just about anything.

Mobile Applications

Have a great mobile app idea, or need to add an app to your existing platform? We would love to build it for you!

eCommerce/ Online Shopping

In today's world, there is an endless plethora of eCommerce solutions. We cater to them all, depending on your needs and budget. For the small time, there are cheaper solutions as simple as PayPal, and for the more serious, robust and feature-rich, solutions such as Magento, used by companies like Coca-Cola and Brown-Forman.

Our developers have been involved in such projects as Alternative Apparel, Vintage Green Jewelry, Kaldi Coffee, BRIM and Bella Housewares.

Social Media Design

We provide a full-range of social media services from designing your pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc.) to managing them.