Information Technology Solutions

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I.T. Consulting

We provide a wide-range of Information Technology consulting. If you need assistance on an aspect of technology not listed below, please don't hesitate to reach out. In most cases, we can help.

Network Design and Installation

Opening a new office space or need to rethink your existing office space? We are able to provide expert network design and installation services while providing you cost savings at the same time. From your Internet to cable runs/drops, which equipment to use, where to position it and so on, we've got you covered!

Device Configuration

Through our deep understanding of computer networking, we are able to not only setup/program Routers, Switches and other network-based devices, but do so in a highly competent manner. From routing/switching to firewalls and VPNs, we can provide you with the peace of mind the job gets done correctly.

VoIP Phone Systems (FreePBX® and 8x8™)/ Virtual 800/Local Phone Service

Having a reliable feature-rich phone system that doesn't cost an arm and a leg is critical. Cloud-based VoIP services also continue to work even in the event of an office power-failure. Such technology also allows you to plug a phone into any network at any location and function as if you were at the office. Or hey, you can even use your cell-phone as if it was your office phone, too.

We can help with every aspect of a new phone system from planning, installation and on-going management.

NEW* Virtual 800/local numbers with full-blown full-service capabilities. Ask about our new virtual services today!

Office Server/ Applications Installation

Many businesses need one or more on-site servers for one means or another, such as fast/secure local file sharing or accounting software. We specialize in providing installation/support for the following products: Microsoft® Windows and Office Applications, Active Directory, Exchange and Sharepoint, Apple® Mac's, Quickbooks® Server/Client as well as end-user firewall and antivirus software.

Beyond the aforementioned products, we often consult on and take care of the installation/management of many other products based on customer needs.

Disaster Recovery

For many businesses of all sizes, disaster recovery is often neglected until after disaster strikes. Without the proper equipment, systems and procedures in place, a disaster may cause critical systems to go offline for days or even weeks and critical company/customer files may be lost, forever.

From planning to installation, we can provide valuable insights on ensuring your business is able to absorb and quickly recover from disasters.

24/7/365 Tech Support

We offer tech-support services across virtually every service and/or product we work with. Having the peace of mind an experienced tech is a phone call or quick drive away, is important. Whether it's 2pm on a weekday or 2am on a Saturday, we will go to work for you to ensure your business stays fully operational.