Digital and Traditional Marketing

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Online Advertising/ SEM

One of our most beneficial services is our mastery at online advertising on channels such as Google, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook and other social media. When you hire someone to setup and manage your campaigns, you deserve an expert in the field. Show caution, and ask for proof of results via previous work the agency has done. Through years of experience, trial and error, we know the online advertising game very well.

Search Engine Optimization

For most businesses, especially those with an overall online business-model, SEO is critical. Free advertising, free leads! Our team knows SEO as well as it does SEM (search engine marketing). We always advise a strategic and inter-mingled plan of both SEO and SEM. In other words, we design website structures, landing pages and calls to action with both search engines and online advertising in mind.

There are some on our team who have been so successful in their implementations to drive a local company's leads from 600 per month to over 6,000 per month and millions in annual sales. That is mind-boggling growth.

We can generate the leads, like wild fire, and we can also through other service offerings help you track them and learn about your customer demographic.

Lead Generation

When it comes to lead generation, we have a plethora of techniques at our disposal that can take you from level 0 to level 10, real fast. Through our techniques, you can begin building leads by the hundreds or even thousands, monthly. And of course, we don't simply want to generate them, but also track them, store them, learn from them and make them easily accessible data points via meeting-friendly charts.

Conversion Tracking

There is one primary means to measure a campaign. Simply put, tracking the conversions, and ultimately, the return on investment. We employ a variety of techniques to track web, phone and other origin-based lead conversions as well as measure their ROI.

With conversion data of an adequate size, decisions can be made to improve and fine-tune the ROI of SEO and SEM campaigns. And, we tend to employ a variety of techniques across the board, incorporating such things as AB split-testing on landing pages, etc.

Visitor/ Web Analytics

As an agency, it never ceases to amaze us at how many online-facing businesses know very little about their demographic. Visitor demographics (gender, age, income, location, etc.) and tracking, device type, visit duration, statistics and overall analytics is crucial to knowing who your demographic is, understanding them / their tendancies, and adapting and evolving into a well oiled machine. We can help on all fronts.

Email Marketing/ Newsletters

Before you can run an email marketing campaign, you need the lead/customer lists. We can help with that. Once you have those lists, another facet of web and marketing magic goes into action. It's all about the design, how impressive and convincing the copywrite, how device agnostic and fast, and how good the landing page/offer.

We have a great deal of experience designing, launching and measuring the success of email-based campaigns. We utilize services such as iContact, ConstantContact and one of our favorites, MailChimp.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail, also known as snail mail, is a tried and true technique to engage potential and existing customers. Our design and copywriting prowess extends well beyond web design, but into all facets of graphic design, marketing and relevant databases, database scrubbing and logistics.

We can also employ many techniques through other service offerings to help you build lead and customer lists.

Social Media Management

Once your social media pages are designed and setup, the next step is ensuring they regularly engage followers. Let one of our Digital Media Specialist manage your page/content, so you can focus on other business.