Consulting and Retainers

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We provide a wide-range of consulting services ranging from design, web/programming, databases and marketing to I.T., computer networking and digital security.

Retainers/ Maintenance

A retainer or maintenance plan is a contract stating we devote a specified number of hours to you (for any service we provide) per retainer period, at a discounted hourly rate.

Retainers provide a variety of advantages such as: 1) you're guaranteed to have us on call up to the agreed number of hours; 2) you lock in a discounted hourly rate; and 3) there is less overhead/much faster turn around times on smaller work that surfaces day to day.

Retainer work is provided/ billed in 15 minute increments and you'll be provided a line-itemed log of all work performed. This is helpful when you only need a few quick updates resolved within a matter of minutes. Just email or call up your project manager and they'll take care of it.